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PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN works internationally on commercial, residential and cultural projects providing full architectural, interior and exhibition design as well as furniture design services for both the public and private sector. Committed to a consistent and progressive conceptual approach, the work is inspired by the dynamic interaction of diverse cultures and disciplines. With a focus on a high level of quality and authenticity, the diverse team of architects and designers develops original concepts with refined aesthetics and the required functionality. The partnership with modern furniture brand e15 effects synergies, extending the boundaries of traditional architecture.

Monkey 47

Philipp Mainzer completes the construction of a high end distillery with adjacent head offices for Black Forest Distillers in the rural community of 24 Höfe near Loßburg, Germany – where the roots of the Schwarzwald Dry Gin Monkey 47 originate. Comprising a total of 1,400 sqm, the project led by Philipp Mainzer features the production and distillery building, a degustation and tasting space as well as a landmarked grain storehouse, which is the historic heart of the estate and which functions as a small museum featuring the ingredients of the gin.

In close cooperation with Monkey 47, Philipp Mainzer developed an architectural concept which points out the distillery as a rural, pre-industrial business site, focusing on the product, the renowned dry gin Monkey 47. With a special emphasis on local craftsmanship and a devotion to elaborate detail, primarily local materials were used, conveying authenticity and simple functionality. The design of the façade is based on an interplay of shingled and clad wood fronts, plastered wall surfaces and small-scale window structures as well as extensive glass and steel elements. In addition to the installation of a new lighting system, PHILIPP MAINZER removed all distracting elements of the interior, creating a clean space with pure lines and surfaces, referencing local construction methods.

The 1,150 sqm production site consists of three buildings with functional and representative character comprising delivery and storage, maceration, offices, degustation and tasting space as well as a traditional ‘Schwarzwaldstube’. Applying material typical of the Black Forest region, the buildings allow visitors to experience the entire production process from delivery of the ingredients to the finished product. For the interior fit out of the representative rooms, tables, benches and stools from e15’s David Chipperfield collection are used. For the office space, e15 table PONTE and bench CALLE were specified, adding warmth and comfort to the space.

Featuring the materials copper, brass and stainless steel, the 150 sqm distillery building with extra high ceilings houses the core of the Monkey 47 Black Forest Distillery: a custom designed distillery boiler built by the German copper smith Arnold Holstein. Large steel windows provide ample daylight and a great view into the valley and the surrounding landscape.

The 120 sqm landmarked grain storage has been completely gutted and refitted with a contrasting, modern staircase and mezzanine, presenting itself as in ideal location for showcasing the original ingredients of Monkey 47.


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