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Beauty Center: Isaac Salido has made works of hair and makeup for fashion, advertising and musical productions for: L’Oreal, “Hola” Magazine, Elle Magazine, Shangay Magazine, Telva Magazine, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Avenue Illustrated, Vanesa Martín, Carlos Baute, Dani Martín, Sergio Dalma, Pastora Soler and Rosario Flores.

Perform cutting services or hair color is an everyday thing for everyone. The added value from “Isaac Salido” is to transform a supposedly routine activity in a special time of the week.

The “Isaac Salido” experience begins and ends out at the reception, with the arrival of the customer, the team performs the first consultation the client and is escorted inside. After having made ​​the cutting or color services, working with his hair, the customers are advised on the most suitable products for their care according to their individual characteristics. The team of “Isaac Salido” looks for the essence of each person.

The client, little by Little, will discover each corner of space to be immersed in a different world through the decoration , music, aroma and the aesthetics of personal. Next to the dressing room, the “Make-Up” area and exclusive products from Kevyn Aucoin.

The customer welcome culminate with the advice of which cutting technique or color depending on their own personal characteristics. Always, as an absolute priority , the team consider the customizatio to each client as a principle of inspiration. The art applied to each person’s own sculpture.

The cutting area has a retro-futuristic style, inspired by the old barbershop in the twenties , although renovated with a touch of modernity to adapt it to the present time and functionality it requires. The vanity has a spectacular wooden beam supported by two steel structures, and on it, the mirrors.

Only a true artist is able to achieve the perfect color. Give a special tone, desired by the customer , and at the same time natural, providing a brightness and harmonic motion with the court, enhancing the particular tone of each skin.

In the area of ​​shampoo and treatments, “Isaac Salido” has created the perfect corner so that the client can relax, and at the same time , through the lattice of a former cloister, continue observing the life in the lounge and enjoying its music. Thanks to the perfect synergy between nature and technology , their range of products and treatments are formulated to solve the problems of any hair and scalp.

Exhibition Area & Events

Isaac Salido is not a simply beauty center, this place offers an exceptional experience through its different rooms. In the exhibition area, the client goes through this space full of photos, books , and illustrations. It is a peaceful and quiet area, which prepares you for the big surprise for the bustle of the lounge. In it the creativity is evident in the atmosphere, it breathes the soul of  the Space “Isaac Salido”, which daily inspires their Stylists team at the time of serving customers.

Thanks to the versatility of the place, the Space “Isaac Salido”, is as an ideal site for the development of events and presentations of beauty products , fashion and leisure, some examples are: Asos, Davines, Phyto, Lencería Carrefour, Aqua di Parma, C&A “Sonríe al Otoño”, Álbum “Dani Martín”, Tequila En Vos Confío and Certina.

“La Cantina”

Recreating the atmosphere of an old kitchen, “La Cantina” offers customers a complete and nutritious menu based on organic products, maintaining a healthy lifestyle . They can taste freshly baked quiche or one of the delicious salads in the space or , if you prefer, take it home or workplace.

Productions for Fashion, Advertisement & Record Productions

Isaac Salido has also made special works of hair and makeup for fashion, advertising and musical productions, as for example: Campaña L’Oreal, “Hola” Fashion Magazine, “Hola” Magazine, Elle Magazine, HSM Madrid Magazine, Shangay Magazine, Telva Magazine, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Avenue Illustrated, Vanesa Martín, Carlos Baute, Dani Martín, Sergio Dalma, Pastora Soler and Rosario Flores.


Type: Beauty Center

Address: Espacio Isaac Salido, C/ Villalar 11, 28001, Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 762 175



Photos: Courtesy of Isaac Salido
Source: Isaac Salido



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