Heidelberger Tennisclub 1890 e.V.

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Company information

The Heidelberg Tennis Club 1890 eV is the oldest and one of the most successful German tennis clubs. The women’s teams, which players like Steffi Graf, Anke Huber, Helena Sukova, Mima Jausovec, Claudia Porwik and Wiltrud Probst belonged, won from 1982 to 1998 a total of ten times the German team championships.

This exclusive Tennis Club offerts to its members one of the best tennis facilities of Germany, with a total of 10 outdoor clay courts and 3 indoor courts. Moreover, the club offers on the second floor a first class mediterranean restaurant with a big terrasse where its customers can enjoy also with the views of the tennis courts.

The club possess also a separate lounge with terrace only for the Heidelberger Tennis Club members connected with the restaurant, a children playground and a garden surroundig the tennis courts.

For all these reasons, together with its excellent managing team we can classify this club as the best tennis club in Heidelberg.


Type : Tennis Club
Address: Klausenpfad 34, 69121 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 06221/413690
Fax: +49 06221/410331
Email: info@htc-tennisclub.de
Website: http://www.heidelberger-tennisclub.de

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