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This exclusive hotel, member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is one of our preferred hotels in Heidelberg. Located just a few meters from the river and near to the city centre, this luxury hotel is the perfect place to relax and enjoy in  a warm atmosphere and an exquisite decoration. From WLC we also highly recommend a romantic dinner in the hotel own Boat-Restraurant, that will bring you to a small route through the Neckar.

The Heidelberg Suites are characterised by the design of the internationally renowned Italian architect Michele Bonan. Inspired by the history of Heidelberg he has created this hotel, which revives the German romanticism. The estate reflects the period of romanticism and classicism. Michele Bonan emphasizes this through his choice of colour and the interior design. According to the architect, an ideal synthesis has been composed of “Heidelberg’s historicism”, “Florentine elegance” and “refreshing naturalness”. Michele Bonan has not only created the estate but has also designed the furniture exclusively for this house. There is the possibility to buy your favourite piece of furniture for your home.

The view of the “Old Town” and the castle and the splendour, which has once influenced the poets, great thinkers and philosophers of German romanticism, has persuaded the owner’s family to buy this estate and to re-establish it for their guests.


Type: Boutique Hotel

Address: Neuenheimer Landstrasse 12, 69120 Heidelberg , Germany

Phone: +49 6221 655 650

Fax: +49 6221 655 65-13

Website: http://www.heidelbergsuites.com/en/

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