We are a consulting firm specializing in the luxury and hospitality sector in which we perform the evaluation of the services provided by companies from different industries, conducting the audit of these through our mystery shoppers and mystery guests.


World Luxury Companies  offers the services of mystery guest, mystery shopper and mystery call:

Mystery Guest: We analyze the customer experience and the services provided by companies in the hospitality sector, that is, hotels, restaurants as well as rental companies for tourist and real estate accommodation.

Mystery Shopper: We analyze the attention, facilities and quality of the service provided by all types of commercial establishments.

Mystery Call: We analyze the extent to which employees meet the standards implemented by the company through a telephone call.

Who will perform the analysis of your services?

Our mystery guests and mystery shoppers are trained and widely experienced in customer service to impartially and strictly evaluate the standards of companies at any sector of activity.

How do we work?

1.- We collaborate with your company to prepare the questionnaire with which we will evaluate your services.

2.- Formation of our mystery shopper so that you know in advance the standards you must evaluate.

3.- The mystery shopper will be presented at the establishment to make the phantom purchase or simply inquire about a product or service on the day indicated by the company or any day within a pre-established time interval.

4.- Preparation and delivery of the report to your company.


Contact us and we will be happy to inform you about how we work.

Email: info@worldluxurycompanies.com

Phone: +34 696 036 554 (Spain)

Website: www.worldluxurycompanies.com