Being a member of World Luxury Companies is available exclusively to a small selection of the best companies in the luxury sector. We take great care of the companies that make up the guide, selecting only those that meet our criteria that vary depending on the sector to which they belong:

  • Quality of its facilities and furniture
  • Quality in the service
  • Company and brand reputation
  • Awards and honours
  • Customer reviews
  • Expert publications
  • Magazine articles
  • Analysis through “Mystery Shopper” and “Mystery Guest”


World Luxury Companies is a flexible communication media of continuous information about our members. We are at the service of our partners, with whom we collaborate closely to promote them through our Instagram account and online guide (you can consult our services in the “About Us” tab of the main menu). Our partners enjoy multitude  benefits among which are:

  • International audience
  • Exclusive audience interested in the luxury sector
  • Continuous promotion in Instagram 
  • More than 12.500 real followers
  • More than 12% of average engagement
  • Average organic reach of more than 5.000 users per post
  • Synergies from cross promotion
  • Synergies from individual investment in advertisement of the other members
  • Reaffirmation or improvement of the brand image of our members
  • Increase of sales or direct reservations, avoiding intermediaries
  • Improvement of the online positioning (SEO) of our member´s websites with direct links to their websites
  • Participation at events organized by World Luxury Companies with our exclusive audience.

How to Become a Member

  • Contact us to show your interest in being part of this selection by telephone or at
  • Study of the company to acept your request by meeting our criteria
  • Agreement of collaboration with our member based on its needs