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1.- Responsabilidad

WLC has the objective to advertise the selected companies in our website www.worldluxurycompanies.com , in order to facilitate the users searching for these in each city as well as to promote the businesses.

WLC is not a representative of the companies that are contained in our website. WLC is simply a guide of companies from different countries, cities and sectors.

Our company does not make a direct evaluation of the services rendered or products offered by the companies contained in our website. Therefore, WLC is not responsible for the quality of services, products, facilities, personnel or other items of these companies.

WLC also not requires that these companies show us the licenses or legal requirements demanded by the laws of each country to provide their products, as well as services and qualifications of the persons employed by them.

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WLC is not responsible for the information contained, as this may change and not be updated on our website, or may not be accurate. If a user relies on this information, this occurs at his own risk. We recommend the user to verify all the information with the company advertised in our website.

This website contains connections to servers which are maintained by other institutions, persons and companies. Despite careful control,we assume no liability of the content of external links.

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WLC reserves the right to update, modify or delete information contained on its website, and its configuration or presentation at any time, without notice and without assuming any liability.

4.- Aspectos Técnicos

WLC assumes no responsibility arising from technical problems or malfunctions in your computer equipment which may occur while your are connected to Internet or that may be caused by third parties through illegal beyond their control. Since WLC the absence of viruses and other elements that may cause damage to computer systems, electronic documents or files of the user of this website or third party websites are not guaranteed, and we will not be liable for damages they can be caused for these reasons. Likewise, no responsibility for possible damages that may affect the user as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by third party sources.

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5.- Información Legal

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