The Best Luxury Companies of the World

World Luxury Companies is the best selection of luxury brands classified by city, country and sector. The companies were chosen according to strict criteria that vary by area of activity to which they belong:

  • Luxury facilities
  • Quality of services provided
  • Number of services
  • Reputation of the company and Brand
  • Company History
  • Awards and national and international recognition
  • Opinion of its customers and specialized websites
  • Publications of Experts
  • Journal articles and publications
  • Information obtained from the country’s embassy in that city
  • Analysis through “Mystery Shopper” or “Mystery Guest”
  • Type of customers


World Luxury Companies has a dual mision: To provide guidance to customers that look for exclusivity, luxury and excellence in travels, shops, entertainment and business and promote the international projection and branding of the companies included in this unique selection.

  • Satisfying customers in the luxury sector: WLC provides a clear and organized information regarding the most luxurious companies in each city. All oriented towards to satisfy the needs of people with the most exquisite and discriminating tastes, seeking excellence, attention to detail, reliability and professionalism when they travel, they shop or just enjoy their leisure time.
  • Satisfying the companies in the luxury sector: WLC allows to distinguish the company from its competitors. In turn, the inclusion of the company in the guide may promote an increase in sales and international expansion of the company.


World Luxury Companies seeks to become a reference worldwide in the coming years in the luxury sector and being recognized as a guide and warranty of luxury of the companies included.