Luxury Interior Design Frankfurt - Kern Design

Luxury Interior Designer in Germany | Kern Design

In the heart of Frankfurt an Main we find the interior architecture and Interior design Studio Kern Design.

This exclusive studio, managed by the interior architect and light designer the Dipl.Ing. Norbert E. Kern and the interior designer Sabine Kober, offers modern high quality and luxury solutions for all type of spaces.

The areas of work of this estudio goes from audio design, bathroom design, conservation and hotel & gastronomy to kitchen design, light design, medicine and fitness,  private residences and shop & retail.

All their excellents projects and developed jobs, made them to win and to be nominated to a wide number of awards like in 2011 nominated to the Red Dot Award, in 2013 winner of the Interior Contract Award, in 2014 nominated to the German Design Award and in 2014 winner of the Finest Interior Award.

These luxury projects, that you can see in the own website of Kern Design, together with the great customer service, the long experience of the studio and their pretigious awards, have made that World Luxury Companies reserve a place inside our exclusive guide considering this studio as one of the best of the city.


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